Thursday 23 March 2023

Comma for my Mum.

 This week has been a bit of a challenge as we saw my Mum deteriorate quickly after what had appeared at first to be a minor problem. After her admission to hospital a scan showed some cancers in various places including liver and lungs. We were warned at that point that she would probably go downhill quite quickly and that is what happened with her passing away on Tuesday evening.

Throughout my life, my Mum encouraged me in my interest in the natural World. Without this encouragement I doubt I would have been as interested in wildlife as I am.

Her favourite butterfly has always been the Comma and I often think of her when I see one. 

Here is a small selection of photos of a Comma for her!!


Me and my Mum on her 93rd and final Christmas


  1. So sorry to hear this Bob , thinking of you 🕊️

  2. Hello Bob, I am very sorry to hear about your Mum. It can't be an easy time for you. She did fantastically well to make 93 Christmases. It is lovely that Commas are a reminder of her. I think that a walk with nature is always a comfort at such times. I always think of my mother when I see Forget-me-nots.

    1. Thanks Nick. Hopefully many memories in the future for both of us!!

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    1. Thanks Graham. Long time since we bumped into each other. Hope you are well.