Wednesday 5 April 2023

Adder Up.

 After nearly 2 years I decided that I should sort out Pen's clothes and get them to the charity collection site at St. Wilfrid's Hospice. They looked after her so well during the final 6-7 years of her life so I was really keen for them to have all her clothes and DVDs etc. After doing that I needed something to cheer me up a bit, so with the sun at last shining brightly I headed to an old favourite spot for Adders.

This spot is not as good as it used to be for them, probably due to so many people disturbing them as they walk around the countryside with their dogs as well as grazing ponies. However, with thanks to Peter, who has been watching the Adders at this location this year he managed to locate 3 of these beautiful creatures.

The first 2 were in pretty deep cover so were not suitable for photography, however, that didn't worry me at all as I really only wanted to see them, photography seems to have taken a bit of a back seat for me recently with so much going on in my life. Some very good bits but also some not so good!!

The final Adder though did actually give me plenty of opportunities to exercise the cameras as it was basking in dappled sunshine and occasionally moving to stay in some sunshine. It was also a very nicely marked individual. Using mainly the 300mm lens I was able to keep far enough back so she didn't get disturbed and when we had finished photographing her she was still basking in the sun. With luck this very enjoyable session will inspire me to get out more with the cameras again.


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