Saturday 11 March 2023

Hidden Gems

 Having been laid up for the past couple of weeks due to turning my ankle on a walk I have been left wondering what to do with my time. It was doubly frustrating too as I was due to do another trip for Naturetrek to Fuerteventura which I had to pull out of.

In the end I just did a lot of reading at home and also sorting through, and re-editing a few of my older photos. It's surprising how ones taste changes over time and some of the photos I re-edited and cropped to hopefully end up with slightly improved results.

Here's a very small selection of some of these re-worked photos.

Male Brimstone on Pussy Willow.

Pearl-bordered Fritillary on Bluebell.

Wood White on Meadow Vetchling.

Silver-spotted Skipper on Small Scabious.

Female Bearded Tit.

Male Bearded Tit.

If things don't improve soon with the foot there may be more of these to follow!!


  1. Fantastic pictures Bob. I am really sorry to hear you have missed your trip to Fuerteventura. I hope you are up to full fitness soon. We are off to Tenerife in June for a week's break. I hope to get a day away from the hotel to go and look for butterflies. If you have any tips for good locations I would be grateful to hear from you.

    1. Hi Nick. Unfortunately I have not made it to Tenerife so I am no help at all to you on this one!! Hopefully you get some great sightings though.