Sunday 26 June 2022

Red-backed Shrike.

 I have recently returned from a fabulous trip to Transylvania with my son Chris and his girlfriend Anna. The main purpose of the trip was to meet Anna's parents and I was amazed at the super welcome and generosity of them and her sister.

I will be posting a few entries about this trip over the next few days as I was able to get out into the beautiful countryside there and see many insects and birds. A truly memorable trip and one I hope I may be able to do again in the future.

There were several special bird sightings but the one species that allowed me to get close enough for some decent images was the Red-backed Shrike, of which there were possibly 3 pairs in the vicinity of the house.

Male Red-backed Shrike.

Male Red-backed Shrike with a Cricket for tea.

Female Red-backed Shrike.

An unfortunate end for this Chafer that had been skewered onto the bush. The Shrike living up to it's reputation as the 'Butcher Bird'.

Such a fabulous looking bird.

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