Saturday 25 September 2021

In and Around the Garden.

 In what has been pretty disappointing catches in the moth trap recently, I was very surprised and pleased to catch a Lace Border, one I assume that had come from my little local colony. This perhaps shows that the colony may be looking to expand out from its main area?

Lace Border.

Clare sometime ago gave me a tub of Purple Toadflax in the hope that I may get some Toadflax Brocade larva in the not too distant future. This is a moth I've only caught a couple of times before, but is one that she gets quite a few of, so when I found 3 larva on the plant this week I expect the eggs were already on the plant when she passed it on to me. A stunning looking larva and hopefully in the Spring I will get some adult moths to lay more eggs for next year.

Toadflax Brocade larva.

Meanwhile on a potted Willow, also in the garden a couple of Grey Dagger are enjoying eating the leaves. Another really good looking species in the larval stage.

Grey Dagger larva.

Going back to Clare, she recently caught a Sombre Brocade in her trap, this is a moth that is possibly  beginning to colonise parts of the South East, although her capture is only the 3rd for East Sussex, and possibly Sussex as a whole?

Sombre Brocade.

Birdlife migrating through the garden has been slightly better than usual this year with 3 notable birds in the past couple of weeks. A Common Redstart and Spotted Flycatcher were here at the same time and just a few days later a young Pied Flycatcher appeared.

Spotted Flycatcher.

In the meadow at the back of the house I found a Vestal during the week. This is a small migrant moth and one that isn't seen too often.


In the same meadow I also found a very sad looking Knot Grass larva that had come to a very sticky end as it had been parasitized by something very horrible.

Parasitized Knott Grass larva.

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