Sunday 19 September 2021

Early Autumnal Walks.

 It doesn't seem possible that it now seems Autumn is just about here. Fortunately, the past week has been reasonable weather-wise, with light winds (at last) and some sunshine.

A few strolls out and about have given me a few opportunities to photograph a few bits of interest, both along a stretch of river and some local woodlands.

It is quite a good time of year to look out for some immature stages amongst the insects, and several nice caterpillars have been found, it was also good to see the Willow Emerald numbers have built up in one of my local colonies. It is also a good time for getting the odd surprise as some 3rd brood butterflies get going. This week alone I've seen some fresh Wall Brown, Brown Argus and the gorgeous Small Copper. Red Admirals seem to be everywhere as does some very fresh Comma.

Young Knot Grass larva.

Female Wasp Spider.



Adder. (melanic form).

Speckled Bush Cricket.

Mating Willow Emerald.

Birch Mocha larva.

Birch Mocha larva green form.

The bizarre looking Scalloped Hook-tip larva.

A stunning Small Copper that was very much enjoying the Fleabane.

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  1. Hola Bob. Enhorabuena por tus espectaculares fotos. Me encantan los insectos. Abrazos.