Tuesday 28 September 2021

Hairstreak Hunt

 A few weeks ago Matt and I were leading a tour for Naturetrek with a target of several late summer downland butterflies. 

The previous week Pete and I went to a couple of sites that just needed checking out to make sure they were suitable for the forthcoming trip. As it turned out it was a very worthwhile exercise.

With plenty of Adonis Blue and Autumn Ladies Tresses seen we then headed for one of the Brown Hairstreak sites where we were treated to a couple of very nice female Brown Hairstreak. There were plenty of other delights at both sites and therefore day one of the tour was sorted!!

Autumn Ladies Tresses.

Mating Adonis Blues.

Adonis Blue enjoying a Carline Thistle.

Several Male Adonis Blue getting minerals from a dead Rabbit, along with many Flies and Wasps also tucking in.

A beautiful  male Yellow Belle.

Female Brown Hairstreak.

Common Lizard on a post.

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