Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Spring Butterfly Bonanza.

What a difference a day makes, with the weather yesterday being really warm with light winds and full sunshine. 

It felt right for seeing a butterfly or two and that is how it turned out except it was more like twenty two!!

With around 8 Peacock seen and 12 Brimstone, 3 Comma and 1 Small White it was quite a day. One of the Comma was seen in the afternoon in the garden, but all the others were on a gentle stroll over the local Downs.

Despite this my favourite sighting of the walk was a Stoat that I thought was going to come within camera range as it ran up the path in front of me. Unfortunately it jumped into the undergrowth before it did get close enough.

Comma on the Downs.

Peacock basking on the path.

Comma in the garden.

As the sunny weather went into the late afternoon I decided to have another session with the Barn Owl. By the time I had made the decision it was a little bit too late so I took the lighter lens and binoculars, expecting to only have distant views at best.  However, the Owl did perform reasonably well, although not as close as a couple of weeks ago, and a few shots were actually worth keeping.

Barn Owl hunting.


  1. Hello Bob
    the butterflies have great colors
    but the owl is great
    Thank you for showing me
    stay healthy
    Greetings frank

  2. Todas las fotos son espectaculares, pero la Lechuza es increíble. Saludos.