Wednesday 29 January 2020

Hare Today.

With very little still happening on the wildlife front I have continued with some longer walks just hoping for something of interest.

I had a call from Matt yesterday to tell me he had re-located an over-wintering Ring Ouzel in the Cuckmere.  As I was not busy I did try for it but apart from hearing it call close by I didn't see it.

Today I walked along the valley and a Brown Hare was seen quite close resting in the vineyard. It wasn't quite close enough really, but as I haven't seen many Hares there this Winter it was a pleasing spot.

Brown Hare.

Before getting to this spot I came across a small flock of at least 10 Corn Bunting, very close to the area where I photographed one a couple of weeks back.  Once again it wasn't quite close enough and the photo is cropped quite a bit.

Corn Bunting.

A few days ago I spotted a Fox that was surrounded by 2 Pheasant and 2 Magpies.  I guess the Magpies were hoping the Fox would get one of the Pheasants and they would then have an easy meal.  Unfortunately I only managed a poor shot of the Fox which by then only had one Magpie by it.

Fox and Magpie.

Hopefully soon the photography opportunities will improve!!

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