Monday 3 February 2020

The Wall Brown Larvae.

With the milder weather continuing overnight I headed up the hill to do a short hunt for Wall Brown larvae, having found 6 so far throughout the Winter months, I was hoping to add to the tally.

One of the tussocks with 2 larvae produced again, but only one other of the original 6 was found.  However, a further 5 larvae were found bringing the grand total for the year up to 11 and a count of 8 today.

One of the larvae allowed close-up photos and another that was feeding on the outside of the tussock gave good in situ images.

Wall Brown larva.

Two images of the same Wall Brown larva in the tussock.


  1. Hello Bob
    because you had a good eye, you have to see first
    very nice to see I would have run past it
    Regards Frank

  2. Amazing that you keep on finding these. I still haven't had any luck.