Saturday 18 January 2020

Sunshine at last brings out a Peacock.

The best day of the year so far and it was another long walk.

A quick check on the Wall Brown larvae as I was passing produced 3 of the 5 I have found so far, this despite a very cold frosty morning following a torrential hail storm last night, with many of the hail stones still on the ground.

It was then onto the treatment works behind Littlington where several Chiffchaff were showing along with a very smart Grey Wagtail.  A little further along the track produced a beautiful Firecrest that showed quite well.


It was then a case of the steep hill out of Alfriston to get to the high point of the Downs.  Despite a cool breeze blowing along the top I was very surprised to spot my first butterfly of 2020 in the shape of a Peacock.  I watched it battle away in the breeze for a short while before it dropped to ground for a short rest.  I just managed a single record shot before it was up and away again.


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