Sunday 1 December 2019

The Purple Pier.

A short trip to the East Pier at Newhaven proved very worthwhile as the Purple Sandpipers put on a very decent display for myself, Clare and Pete.

With time running out for the Pier we realised this could well be our last opportunity before access is stopped for the forthcoming concrete factory.  What an asset to the town that will be as well as a very beautiful sight for the French people arriving via the ferry!! (NOT).

With 14 Purple Sandpipers seen and 9 Turnstone with them as well as a Kingfisher on the short walk from the car the birds certainly lifted our depression at seeing the destruction of this end of Tide Mills.

Most of the time the Sandpipers were resting up with their bills tucked away, and although they were very settled with us being there they kept a bit of an eye on us all the time.

Every now and then they would move around a little and a few times do a bit of preening and stretching.

Purple Sandpiper preening.


Keeping a beady eye open.

Purple Sandpiper having a stretch.

Purple Sandpiper chirping at a nearby Turnstone.


  1. Preciosas fotos y preciosa ave. Siento que sea alterado su entorno, es una verdadera lastima. Un abrazo.

  2. Bob , I do look forward to your blog posts ! Such a classy blog ! Your eye for photography is just stunning . I love that Firecrest ! We dont see it very often but much rejoicing when it does visit our garden . Debbie :)

    1. Thanks for your continued interest Debs. Glad you enjoy my posts.

  3. Hello Bob
    nice details can be seen the pictures are very well done, I like it
    Greetings Frank

  4. The purple sandpiper is a wonderful bird with very nice colours. often together with the turnstone. I see them every winter at the Pier in Hoek van Holland where the ferrys come ashore. Nice pictures Bob.