Friday 15 November 2019

Garden Firecrest.

My neighbour, Peter, has recently had a pair of Siskin on his feeders and yesterday I was looking out of the bedroom window looking for them when I spotted a couple of Firecrest flitting around in a tall Fern at the bottom of the garden.

Despite the light being very poor I decided to get the camera out just in case they came nearer, which after several minutes they did, feeding amongst the Honeysuckle just out from the window.

Most of the time they were still in the tangle of all the twigs but one did briefly show a little more out in the open and this gave the the opportunity to improve on my past efforts with the camera of one of these tiny but beautiful birds.

Firecrest on the Honeysuckle.

Firecrest. (The view from my bedroom window).


  1. hello bob
    first-class recordings, great backgrounds
    Greetings Frank

  2. Hello Bob, difficult to make a picture of this firecrest . Well done. Beatiful

  3. Hola Bob, preciosa ave y espectaculares fotos. Un abrazo.