Sunday 22 December 2019

2019 Highlights. Winter.

Well, with another year coming to an end, and with very few highlights out there at the moment, it seems to be a good time to look back over the past year, one that has been a difficult year making it hard to get out at times, but there have at least been some really good moments.

My thanks must go out to David for dragging me out when the odd decent bird came along and Phil for giving me opportunities that I would never have had if I had been on my own by letting me share his expertise in his fabulous bird hide, particularly in this early part of the year.

Early in the year a male Black Redstart and a very confiding Snow Bunting were on the West Sussex coastline. 3 visits gave David and I some wonderful views and with a good deal of patience we both managed to get some pleasing shots.

Male Black Redstart.

Snow Bunting.

I then had what was quite possibly my best ever session in Phil's hide when we were treated to some wonderful views of a female Kingfisher as well as a stunning dog Fox.

Female Kingfisher on Hazel.

Male Red Fox.

David and I then went on an unusually long trip to Weymouth where there was the possibility of seeing 4 worthwhile birds, including what would be my first ever Penduline Tit.  At my age it isn't too often that a lifer comes along so it was very much a trip worth doing.
As it happened we saw all the 4 targets starting with a group of Bearded Tit and a Ring-necked Duck at Radipole Lake and then at nearby Lodmoor RSPB a Lesser Yellow-legs and the sought after Penduline Tit.

Male Bearded Tit.

Ring-necked Duck.

Lesser Yellow-legs.

Penduline Tit.

To end this first look back at 2019 David and I had 4 session at a couple of sites looking for Crossbill.  At the 2nd site we hit the jackpot when we had a female drop into a close pool for a wash. Many photos were taken including the following which wasn't posted at the time.

Female Crossbill.


  1. Hi Bob
    a worthy end of the year with great photos,
    Merry Christmas and a good start to the new year 2020
    greetings Frank

  2. Enjoyed your postings this year Bob, have a great 2020!

  3. Bob , your photos astound me with their beauty ! Thankyou for sharing such a beautiful journal . I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020 . Debbie :)