Friday, 19 May 2017

Down To The Waterline.

With all types of  wildlife macro photography wind is probably the most difficult element that the weather throws our way to cope with. This is perhaps even more of a case when trying to photograph Demoiselles and Mayflies as these delicate species do get blown around. We have had so few calm days recently, but with the promise of a calm morning earlier in the week I was up before 5am to make the most of it. I drove to the river where I was hoping to find the Beautiful Demoiselle, (Callopteryx virgo), however, the season has moved on further than I had expected as the Banded Demoiselle, (Callopteryx splendens), was already flying. 2 females and 5 males were seen. The weather conditions were also favourable for the delicate Mayflies with many of these beauties seen. A very worthwhile early start to the day.

The first Mayfly of the day.

Male Banded Demoiselle.

Male Banded Demoiselle.


Later in the day I managed to complete a 1st brood Wall Brown count on a regular circuit that I have been doing since 2009. By now the wind had picked up which didn't help too much. However, I did see 40 individuals which is my 2nd highest 1st brood count. The 2nd brood is generally much better so I'm hoping for a really good display of these butterflies come July and August.

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