Monday 2 January 2017

Hop-along Fox.

A very frustrating day today where I was hoping to get out in the sunshine, but with a few household jobs to do I was unable to get out until late. 
Eventually I rang Pete to see if he fancied a Short-eared Owl hunt down the Ouse but he was out on a long walk. He had earlier found a Black Redstart so I decided to meet up with him where we could then attempt some photography of it. Unfortunately the bird wasn't there when I arrived so we wandered aimlessly around where the only bit of interest was a large Fox. We could see it was lame but it wasn't until I studied the photo it became apparent that the poor animal only had 3 legs and the only leg it had at the back end also seemed to be missing the paw. However, apart from the leg situation the Fox did appear to be in pretty good condition so I assume it is successfully managing to scavenge.

A very lame Fox.


  1. You had bad luck on the Black Redstart,but you scored a hit with the Fox.
    I also dipped out looking for S.E.O
    Better luck tomorrow.

  2. Lame, but in beautiful condition and not at all thin

  3. A wonderful photograph. Fox is a pretty animal.

  4. Cute fox, and I hope that gives you a good advice in life, even though it has only three feet. Regards.