Monday, 9 January 2017

2017 Starts Well.

On Saturday I started my lepidoptera year off with finding 2 Wall Brown larva. It was only a very quick search, so I concentrated on a clump of grass where I have found larva regularly over the last 3 years. The largest of the 2 was around 1 cm. with the other being very small indeed and about half that size!! It is still, of course very early, and it is only these milder times when I am likely to see them. When I have time I will do a more detailed search, this will give an idea of how the young larva have done over the winter period.

I have also attached a closer cropped photo of those fabulous Bearded Tits I saw last week!!

Male Bearded Tit.


  1. This is a masterpiece Bob.

  2. Beautiful bird. It would be nice sometimes to photograph. It's been avoiding me.