Wednesday 4 November 2015

Another November Surprise.

The mild weather is resulting in several surprising sightings this November. Today I met up with Nigel for a stroll over Pevensey Levels where we saw a couple of Red Admirals once the rain had stopped. However, we were certainly not expecting to see any Fen Raft Spiders this late in the season. Looking at an area where some had been seen earlier in the year I was scanning the water foliage with the binoculars when I spotted a young spider. Although it was out in the middle of the ditch I could get a reasonable shot of it with the telephoto lens. It looked really smart amongst all the droplets from the earlier rain.

Juvenile Fen Raft Spider.


  1. The photo is cool. The drops are so vivid. And the spider has such bright stripes on the sides. Whitey:)
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