Thursday 19 November 2015

A Pearl of a Day.

With the weather continuing to be pretty dreadful for photography I thought I would look back on a few of my better days from 2015. I don't think any came up as good as May 15th with a small hunt with Pete in Abbotts Wood looking for Pearl-bordered Fritillaries and then onto the River Cuckmere for the fabulous Banded Demoiselle. Although a few of the following images have already been posted I have included a few that missed out last time. The last photo of the Pearl-bordered Fritillary is as far as I am concerned my most pleasing shot of the year!!
The weather on this particular day was almost perfect for photography with it being quite cool and a little overcast which meant the insects were not too active. The only problem was finding them in the first instant. This female Fritillary was in fact the only one found, fortunately she was extremely fresh and the light improved enough for her to open her wings on and off.. At the river several male Banded Demoiselles were found along with several other great insects.

Female Pearl-bordered Fritillary.

The string of pearls showing around the hind-wing.

Posing nicely on a Bluebell.

My personal favourite photo of the year.

Male Banded Demoiselle.

Showing the delicate looking wings.

Fully grown Drinker larvae in defensive pose.

Large Red Damselfly.


  1. Superb set of photos Bob, loving those Demoiselles, in the right light they are crackers to photograph.

  2. We just don't get frits around here in Notts. I got excited a couple of years ago when I thought I'd found some, turned out to be latticed heath moths.