Tuesday 3 November 2015

A November Osprey.

With a really sunny day I decided to head to Southease hoping to see the juvenile Osprey that has been in the area for well over a week. On arrival I found that it had been seen just a few minutes before I arrived, typical!! However, it wasn't long before I picked it up flying back towards the bridge. On flying over the bridge it was actually too large for the telephoto lens I had attached. It then headed up river towards Lewes. Several sightings then followed including another close view where I managed a few images. Unfortunately I still need a bit of practice with using the lens with flying birds, although it would have helped if I had remembered to change the ISO setting from my usual macro settings. Better luck next time!!
Along the river bank there were many sightings of Red Admiral as well as single Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell.

Osprey being mobbed by a Crow.

Osprey at Southease.

On Sunday, as well as the Long-tailed Blue sighting I also found a Ruby Tiger larvae in the undergrowth.

Ruby Tiger larvae.

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