Thursday 30 July 2015

A Strange Gatekeeper.

It was a regular Wednesday walk with Nigel yesterday and during the walk down the local brooks he found a couple of interesting insects. A female Gatekeeper with a very large black eye-spot on the wings were first. There were so many Gatekeepers flying it was quite impressive that this one was seen by him.

The Female Gatekeeper.

Large White.

I then spotted a couple of young Swallows that were sitting on a fence over a ditch. For once I actually had the telephoto lens on me and the Swallows stayed there long enough for me to change from the macro.

Juvenile Swallow.

Nigel then spotted a very smart Roesel's Bush Cricket on the edge of a maize field, it was sitting on one of the leaves where it stayed long enough for both of us to get some images. 

Roesel's Bush Cricket.

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