Saturday 18 April 2015

Small Copper Surprise.

Another really sunny day today, but the stiff Easterly wind really made it hard going for butterflies. A walk this morning was not expected to throw up any new species as the wind was blowing straight onto the Downland where I was concentrating on. I thought there may be a small chance of a Green Hairstreak or Grizzled Skipper in the odd sheltered bit, but no luck. I did get another really nice Pyrausta despicata micro moth which was just hanging on in the wind. I then came across a really beautiful Small Copper which added a nice bit of colour to the day and became my 12th species of the year. Unfortunately the wind was blowing pretty hard where the butterfly was but eventually it landed in a slightly quieter place where I managed a few shots. 

Small Copper.

Small Copper.

Pyrausta Despicata.

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