Thursday 16 April 2015

A Cooler Day.

With a repeat visit to the Arlington area today it was another really good day with 2 more species added to my year list of butterflies with confirmed sightings of both Green-veined and Large Whites. Added to that with it being a cooler day I managed to obtain a few photos, as yesterday everything was very active in the heat. With both a Speckled Wood nectaring on Lesser Celandine and a newly emerged Large Red Damselfly posing nicely on Cleavers as well as a Kidney-spot Ladybird that Pete found and my first Early-purple Orchid of the year it was a great day. 

Greater Stitchwort.

Male Speckled Wood.

Large Red Damselfly.

Kidney-spot Ladybird.

Early-purple Orchid.

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