Saturday 10 January 2015

Yellow Legs and Yellow Bills.

It was almost a repeat of New Years Eve on Friday with another trip to try to catch up with the Lesser Yellowlegs at Pett Level. This time instead of the boy I had Pete and his 'lucky hat' with me and on arrival we had just had a text from Matt to say the bird was showing well!! It was great to see this rare bird feeding quite close, although the light at this point was still quite poor. After only a couple of minutes the bird went into sleep mode and although we waited for another hour or so the bird didn't really show any enthusiasm for waking up!!
A Marsh Harrier and a Peregrine flew over which spooked the many Wigeon and Lapwing, but the Yellowlegs stayed asleep.

We eventually decided to head over to Lydd to see if the Cattle Egret were showing before returning to Pett on the way home. At Lydd the Egrets were fantastic. Some heavy lorries had sent the birds to the corner of their field where they were hunting in the puddles. Much better views than I had when I was with Matt. After taking far too many pictures we called in briefly to the ARC pit where a Great White Egret was in the distance. We also had a Bittern fly across the width of the lake.

We then returned to Pett where the Lesser Yellowlegs was still inactive, now sheltering from the strong wind behind some Sedge.

Lesser Yellowlegs.

Graylag Geese.

Cattle Egret.

Lesser Yellowlegs sheltering from the wind.

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