Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wall Brown Larvae Hunt.

I've already had one hunt for Wall Brown larva this year when I found 2. This was on the 5th January and was the earliest I have found them. Yesterday I had another attempt and within a little over 30 minutes I found 5 more. All were just over 1 cm each in length. With the weather very mixed, sunshine on arrival and heavy rain on departure, I was pleased to get a picture of one with a rain drop trapped in its hairs!!

Wall Brown larva with raindrop.

With 5 being found in such a short time I hope that is a sign that the 1st brood of butterflies, that should be on the wing from mid April, will be a strong brood!! Either that or I am getting better at finding them.


  1. Hi Bob. Love the blog, especially the photos, which are amazing.
    Where is best to look for them?

  2. Hi Nevil. They are never easy to find until you have your hunting eye in, especially until they grow a bit more. Southerly banks are the best with lots of large tussocks where they can get deep in when the weather turns cold. On mild days a few can be found a little way up the grass stem, although they are very well camouflaged!! Late March is the best time to look!!
    Good luck if you have a go.

  3. Hi Bob, we met with the owls yesterday. Congratulations on the blog execellent. I have put my pictures from yesterday on flikr "Trevor Dickens" if you are interested. Hope to see you on the circuit.