Monday 5 January 2015

Owls, Owls, Owls.

With the weather being damp and dull in Seaford yesterday and a risk of cabin fever coming back it was a relief when Matt announced he was going to look for the Richard's Pipit. Having not seen this rarity so far it was a case of getting the birding gear together quickly before he left without me.

On arrival at the site the sun had come out and we managed some long distance views of the Pipit. With the improved weather it was then moving on to see if we could get some Short-eared Owl action. Since my 'lucky' shot at The Burgh a few weeks ago I've been struggling to improve on an SEO image. Although I managed several shots I still don't feel I've improved on that one, but it is fun trying!!

Short-eared Owls.

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