Tuesday 5 August 2014

The Dainty Wood White.

I normally head over to the Sussex/Surrey border to see the Wood White during their first brood, mixing it in with the Duke of Burgundy, but this year it was not to be. I had decided that I would probably miss this species this year. However, with a day free on Friday I headed over to the Chiddingfold area where this lovely little butterfly has a good 2nd brood most years. This species is one of the most endangered butterflies in Britain with very few sites where it can be found. Probably around 30 Wood Whites were seen throughout the day with plenty of their strange face to face courtship seen. The weather was sunny followed by heavy cloud so every now and then the butterflies would slow down a little. 

Wood White.

There were lots of other butterflies on show although most were looking a little worn and tired. Plenty of fresh Brimstone were on the wing and they do give better opportunities at this time of the year for photography as they are busy feeding up for hibernation. A flypast Clouded Yellow and a smart Painted Lady nectaring on the fleabane were both welcome bonuses.

Male Brimstone.

Painted Lady.

Wood White.

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