Wednesday 6 August 2014

Hunting Brown Hawkers!!

Another day hoping to get a picture of that Brown Hawker once again ends in failure!! Last week on the levels I only managed a poor shot of a female egg-laying and as I haven't managed any better today, here it is.

Brown Hawker egg-laying.

Back on the Levels today and lots of Brown Hawkers were seen but all spotted me first and took off. The Hobby that was flying around probably had more luck. Southern Hawkers however were a little kinder with one in particular posing a couple of times for me.

Southern Hawker.

Once again migrant butterflies were very evident on the fleabane with a very smart Painted Lady and at least 3 Clouded Yellow. A male Clouded Yellow tried to pair up with a female but was rejected. This did give the rare opportunity though of seeing the top wings as the female told him where to go!!  The male soon got the message and moved on.

Painted Lady.

Clouded Yellow.

Female Clouded Yellow rejecting male advances.

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  1. Some lovely dragonfly shots Bob, Like you Brown Hawkers seem to elude my camera at the moment. One day I will get one!