Sunday 29 June 2014

Chalkhill Blues.

Yesterday I called up to the Downs and immediately saw my first Gatekeeper of the year. This was a good sign for the rest of the walk. With the sun going in quite regularly, but the temperature quite high there were large numbers of butterflies about. 2 Gatekeepers were seen amongst the masses of Marbled White and Meadow Brown with quite a few Ringlet as well. With the lack of female Gatekeepers about a male Gatekeeper got very amorous with a Ringlet, although he ended up frustrated!!

Male Gatekeeper.


I then walked further down the hill and came across my first Chalkhill Blue of the year, always a fabulous sight when they are as fresh as this. On the way down 2 Chalkhill Blues were seen although a couple more were seen on the return.

Male Chalkhill Blue.

I also wanted to check on Burnt Orchids that grow here. I am lucky as the May flowering Burnt Orchids are quite local, but the late June flowering plants are only 1 mile away from home. Some were already past their best but there were many still looking good. Pyramidal Orchids were also everywhere including one odd one that appeared to have two heads on the one flower.

Burnt Orchids

Pyramidal Orchid.


  1. Many thanks for your comment John, very good of you to take the time.