Saturday, 10 May 2014

Duke of Burgundy.

As it was my birthday during the week Nigel and Carol came over to help 'celebrate' it. With a few too many gin and tonics and wine we perhaps stupidly decided to shoot over to the Wye area of Kent on a whim the next day to check out the Duke of Burgundy and the many rare orchids in the area. I say stupidly as the weather was not expected to be too good with high winds and heavy showers and no planning. However, the next day, with Nigel still probably suffering a bit of a hangover we headed East complete with Pink Floyd blasting out reminding us of our younger days.
Despite getting lost we eventually made it to Denge Woods where we were hoping to see the Duke. What followed was an amazing day with plenty of Dukes, 4 rare orchids, 2 nationally scarce micro moths and a bonus of a confiding pair of mating Dingy Skippers. The sun also shone much more than expected!! I will post more from our trip over the next few days, but for starters!!

Probably the only place where the Duke of Burgundy can be seen with hundreds of Lady Orchid.

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