Friday 2 June 2023

Spring Butterfly Adventures.

 Despite this Spring being extremely poor for most species of butterfly I have been very lucky with some of my sightings, with some rarities and unexpected species, as well as some others showing themselves well for my camera.

It has been nice being inspired to travel a little further afield a couple of times with Lisa, as well as a couple of reconnaissance trips for my Naturetrek tours to check on sites before the tour. With 2 mating pairs of Duke of Burgundy, one on the recce trip with Lisa, and then another on the actual Naturetrek tour. Green Hairstreak have posed a couple of times for me, with two individuals standing out. Other highlights have been listening to several Nightingale, with one in full song whilst a Turtle Dove was also purring nearby.

A selection of some of the species seen.

Male Orange-tip.

Green Hairstreak.

Green Hairstreak.

Mating Duke of Burgundy.

Th 2nd Mating Pair of Duke of Burgundy. This pair we saw the start of the courtship right through to the full mating. When the female landed on this leaf, the male landed just behind her, fluttering around her before coupling up. They were still there 30 minutes later and possibly longer as we left them alone to get on with their pairing.

Male Wood White.

Wood White preparing to roost.

Small Copper.

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