Monday 29 May 2023

River Stroll.

 The day after our Kent trip Lisa and I just fancied an easy day, so we went for a lovely local stroll along the river. I have always enjoyed walking slowly along the river in May as there are always things to find, and I was also hoping to be able to show Lisa a few of my favourite river creatures.

The weather was a little dull and cool, but we still found lots for her to get some camera action. I was only taking a few photos as I have many photos taken from this area over the years, but as ever, when a Mayfly is looking good I normally get tempted!!

Adult Mayfly with Sub-adult Exuvia.



After a short walk of well under a mile taking 2-3 hours we had almost got back to the car when we found a male Beautiful Demoiselle. Once again, this is too tempting, so the camera came out again for a final flourish.

Male Beautiful Demoiselle.

A fabulous stroll and a great way to spend a few hours on my birthday.

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