Friday 11 November 2022

Scarce Bordered Straw.

 With the unprecedented influx of Crimson Speckled I put the moth trap out on all the reasonable nights hoping to catch one in the garden. Unfortunately I was not successful, but I did get a few new moths including notable migrant moths.

Earlier in the year I caught some Bordered Straw, but until now I hadn't had the Scarce Bordered Straw, which despite the name is probably the more numerous of the two species!! However, during this extra effort with the trap I did catch at least 5 of the Scarce Bordered Straw and saw the variation in the species with some being much lighter than others.

Scarce Bordered Straws.

A very nice Vestal was also caught as well as my first ever Gem and Brick. (Who thought up some of these names)!!




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