Saturday 10 September 2022


 Last Monday David persuaded me to go over to Dungeness in the hope of getting close views of Glossy Ibis and Wood Sandpipers.

Unfortunately, the hoped for Ibis and Sandpiper didn't happen with only distant views of the Ibis, however, we did get some fine views of Curlew Sandpipers as well as a few other waders. The weather was a bit up and down with the storms approaching so we had cloudy spells and the odd brighter bit and the difference in the photos was quite evident.

It certainly made a great change for me after I had dusted off the birding lens!! Jennie also had a great dinner ready when we returned to David's home and once again a special thanks to both of them for a great day and early evening.

Curlew Sandpipers.



Snipe preening and sunbathing.

Black-tailed Godwit.


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  2. Beautiful photos, Bob. Especially loved the two snipe.