Wednesday 23 February 2022


 My first Brimstone of the year today found in the middle of a long walk from home. The walk started in sunshine, but this soon stopped as the clouds increased and a little light rain started in the stiff breeze and any hopes of a butterfly were dashed, or so I thought!!

After stopping to put my coat back on and cursing the fact that I hadn't put a hat on I was walking into the stiff breeze when a Peacock flew past me trying to land in the odd Gorse bush to roost. This was my 3rd Peacock of the year and was probably the least expected due to the weather.

Not long after I stopped for a little lunch at Winchesters Pond and with this the sun came back out again which gave me the encouragement to divert into Friston Forest to a sheltered area where I often see Brimstone in the Summer. It was still quite a long shot, so it was a very pleasant surprise to have a female Brimstone suddenly flying around me. At this point the sun went behind a light cloud and the butterfly settled a couple of time allowing a few photos. 

It feels almost as if Spring is here, although tomorrow it is back to more rain and colder conditions again. I left the butterfly under a Bramble leaf where hopefully it will stay hidden until the next warmer day.

Female Brimstone

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