Wednesday 28 April 2021

Waking Up.

Firstly I would just like to say thanks to all of you that have sent messages and cards following the death of my gorgeous Penny. It means such a lot to myself and the family.

 With a relentless cold wind from the East still blowing it doesn't seem possible that anything in the insect World is likely to flying, and yet, in sheltered spots it is possible to find some little gems.

I have now seen 17 different species of butterfly this year.

On a Naturetrek day trip last week I chanced across some Wart-biter nymphs, 3 in total on 2 different days.

Locally Grizzled Skipper are now on the wing along with Dingy Skipper and Wall Brown, and yesterday I saw my first Green Hairstreaks of the year, albeit some 2 weeks later than normal. Hardly surprising with the relentless cold Northerly and Easterly winds.

A few photos from the past week.

Wart-biter nymph.

Early Spider Orchid.

Common Whitethroat.

Grizzled Skippers.

Roosting Grizzled Skipper.

Young Oak Eggar larva.

Ancylis comptana.

Green Hairstreak.

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