Wednesday 14 April 2021

Chiffchaff and Moths.

 Over the past week I have managed a few visits to the patch as well as a bit of moth trapping.

Nothing particularly significant but I did get some stunning views of one of the local Chiffchaffs on one walk.


Also on the same walk it was good to see the micro moths building well in number with plenty of Ancylis comptana. Probably the highest number I have ever seen here, and numbers are almost certainly still building. The Pyrausta ostrinalis is also having a very good year following a disaster in 2020. I also saw a Pyrausta despicata going to roost which gave me a photo opportunity.

Ancylis comptana.

Pyrausta despicata.

In the garden trap the numbers of moths have been pretty low and the only really good addition to the year list was a Brindled Beauty. Other than that it has just been more of the same common species.

Brindled Beauty.

Early Grey.

Finally I caught a male Emperor Moth for David. He got a few really nice images of it and as it was posing I got a couple of quick shots, unfortunately I didn't get the hind-wings showing, but it is still a very impressive moth.

Male Emperor Moth.

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  1. I find chiff chaffs hard to see, they are so adept at throwing their voices