Friday 5 February 2021

Up and Running!!

 On such a fabulous day it was great to get my butterfly year up and running.

Following several sessions of scrub clearance when I had seen the odd Wall Brown larvae I decided today to go and have a look to see if the early signs of better numbers was still holding up.

My highest ever count of these larvae was a couple of different counts of 40 a couple of years ago. Today it didn't take me very long to reach that number, and after reaching 50 I called a halt. Many of the tussocks had multiple larvae in them and I have never found it so easy to spot them.

During the count I also had 2 Peacock flying around me, and fortunately one of them landed so I could grab some photos. Both were different to the Peacock I had seen on the last day of 2020. That one had some wing damage that todays butterflies didn't have.


Wall Brown larva.


  1. Preciosas fotos, la oruga esta hermosa. Abrazos. Feliz fin de semana.

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  3. Amazing. We have snow lying on frozen ground at the moment, so no chance of seeing anything. Wall Brown have moved up here nine years ago and are common along the coast. Sadly, they don't occur inland in the Borders where we have moved to! I hope they will venture along the valley eventually.

  4. I am always enchanted by the beauty of a butterfly ! :)