Saturday 27 February 2021

2021 Spring has Sprung.

 Yesterday it really felt as though Spring had arrived with wall to wall sunshine and, for once, light winds. A morning walk with Clare didn't produce the hoped for butterfly, although many Bumble Bees and a Wasp were seen along with some gorgeous Spring Lambs.

Back home and a Red Admiral flew through the garden, my 3rd butterfly of the year and 2nd species. I then decided to do yet more scrub clearance up on the Downs before the nesting season gets going and 2 more butterflies showed themselves. Firstly, a lovely Comma, followed by an even nicer Small Tortoiseshell. The Small Tortoiseshell was only seen in very small numbers in the area last year so hopefully seeing one flying strongly early in the season is hopefully a good sign.

No photos were taken of the butterflies as I wasn't in a photo mode as I had the scrub clearing gear so I have included here some early season photos of the 3 species from past years!!

Small Tortoiseshell.


Red Admiral.


  1. A good start to the season Bob. This warm sunny spell has been most welcome. Take care.

    1. Thanks Marc. At this rate the Large Reds will soon be flying!!