Wednesday 16 December 2020

More Purple Moments.

 My good friend Pete wanted to test out his zoom lens that he has been having trouble with, so I suggested he has a go on one of my cameras.

A good test is with the Purple Sandpipers on the pier as they do sit pretty still most of the time. So, it was that we ventured out there in a pretty strong wind.  It was actually quite an experience with some massive waves crashing on the beach.

Once on the pier though we had a large count of Purple Sandpipers with 21 seen, certainly my largest ever count there.

A slight hint of 'purple' showing.

Purple Sandpiper showing a bit of tongue.

'That Bob Eade keeps taking my photo'

Purple Sandpiper just after a wave came over.

There was also a flock of Curlew flying around the area.

6 of the Curlew.

Yesterday I saw a Comma butterfly basking in the sun. This is now the 2nd year running I have seen a butterfly in every month of the year.

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