Friday 2 October 2020

Clifden Nonpareil, the Blue Underwing.

 In recent weeks I have rekindled my moth trapping interest, partly down to Clare, David and Nigel talking to me about their catches, and also with finding it difficult to get out for long walks it has brought the wildlife to me!!

Having borrowed an actinic trap from Clare it has also simplified setting up the trap as I don't have to be so careful shielding the light from the neighbours as it doesn't light up the neighbourhood, it has made life so much easier I have now purchased a new actinic trap for myself.

I now have plenty of moth images to show on here, but first is a Clifden Nonpariel that David caught a couple of weeks ago.  As I was meeting David that day he brought the moth with him and we took a few photos of it before the walk. Fortunately it performed well for us and after the session he was able to take it back with him so it could be released where it came from.

The Clifden Nonpariel is a very large moth and is still considered quite a rarity, although it is certainly turning up much more these days as it is now breeding in Sussex as well as migrating over from the continent.  I have only seen the moth once before when Nigel caught one a few years ago and I drove to his place to see and photograph it. One day I may well catch one in my garden, but until then I will make do with photos of the 2 caught by my friends.

These 2 photos are of David's moth.

Clifden Nonpariel.

Another moth I haven't caught myself is the Scarce Bordered Straw. Clare caught one and invited me around to photograph it. 

Scarce Bordered Straw.

With the onset of Autumn many different moths are now appearing and the following is a small selection of the moths I have caught over the past few weeks.

Feathered Gothic.

Angle Shades.

Box-tree Moth

Box-tree Moth (dark form).

Oak Hook-tip

Autumnal Rustic.

Rosy Rustic.

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