Wednesday 7 October 2020


 Last year in the Autumn I had several Blackcaps visiting the garden feeding on the large seed-heads of the garden Yukka type plant I have growing.

This year they are back with possibly even more, at least 8 birds present and almost certainly several more as they fly into the small Beech tree next door before flying into the Yukka or other shrubs to feed, the birds are continuously flitting back and forth.

Once again I stood in the middle of the lawn under the bag hide I have and waited for the birds to pose for me. Several shots were eventually taken, some in the Beech and some in the Yukka. A good way of spending an hour or so.

Female  Blackcap.

Male Blackcap.

Female Blackcap surrounded by seeds.

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  1. Lovely collection of photos Bob. More and more seem to stay every year now. It seems to work for them. Take care.