Friday 26 June 2020

Marbleous Morning.

Each Summer I really look forward to seeing the lovely Marbled White butterflies flying again as it really is a true sign of long Summer days.

Last year I couldn't find the time to take advantage of my local colonies so I was determined to see them very early in their flight season this year.

I saw my first Marbled Whites this year at the very early date of 4th June when I saw a male and female flying in dull conditions. Despite it being dull though they were very hard to approach as is often the case with this species.

Five days later I was up on the Downs very early to see them waking up. At this point the numbers were still very low, but I really wanted to get some photos of them before they picked up too much wear and tear.

For once the wind was very light which was what I needed for a session such as this as the Marbled White often roosts very high up on the grasses so with any little breeze they are blown about making it very difficult to get pin sharp results especially as the light is still poor at this time.

Although the resulting photographs were not as good as I managed a few years ago I was still really pleased to get some results, especially after missing out last year. I was also able to see the Fox cubs for a final time before they disperse and then back home before 8am for breakfast.

Into the light.

Male Marbled White.