Monday 5 August 2019

Chalky Morning.

With a still and sunny morning forecast a couple of weeks ago I was up before the sun had risen and ventured onto the downland at the back of Seaford hoping to get some Chalkhill Blues waking up.

This is another of my favourite trips each year and as it is only a mile from home I get back in plenty of time for breakfast.

This year hasn't been quite so good locally for Chalkhill Blues, possibly down to their foodplant suffering in the heat of 2018. Even though, I did find a few butterflies at roost and it was now just a case of waiting for them to start warming up. Sometimes they fly straight away but sometimes they sit with open wings for some time until they feel they are warm enough to take flight.

Roosting Chalkhill Blue waiting for the sun.

Open wide.

Chalkhill Blue soaking up the sun. My favourite shot from the session.

One of several Six-spot Burnet Moths emerging.

It was then home by 7.30am for a bite to eat and a coffee.


  1. Sounds like a good morning. Get out, get ya photos and get home for breakfast. Boom.

  2. Our burnet moths at work are over, sadly. Lovely photos

  3. Wonderful butterflies.
    Great photos

  4. Lovely shots. I would love to see Chalk Hill Blues one day.