Thursday 10 January 2019

Black Redstart take 2. If at first _ _ _ _

A repeat of last Thursday, with even the weather forecast being the same. However, this week the forecast was pretty much right with sunshine most of the time.

The Black Redstart was nowhere to be seen when we first arrived, although thankfully after a few minutes it was showing well, and with a patient wait it was soon performing very well for us on and off. We even had it in sunshine and a few minutes later in softer lighting as the sun went behind clouds. The cloudier pictures were much easier to get the colour balance right in processing. A fabulous morning followed by another trip to the Short-eared Owls. These unfortunately did not perform at all well with only 2 distant birds seen. Even the large flocks of Yellowhammer had all but gone.

Male Black Redstart.

Meadow Pipit.

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