Tuesday 1 January 2019

2019 Kicks Off in Style.

Happy New Year everyone.

Having seeing my last butterfly at the end of November it was a pleasant and pleasing start to 2019 seeing a Peacock at the first opportunity. I was sitting at home working through some photos when I noticed that the sun had come out. I quickly got a bit of gear together and headed up to High and Over to have a quick look for Wall Brown larva. Before I had a chance though to look for larva a worn Peacock was suddenly flying around me. I managed a shot of it before it flew away, although not far, as it was still flying when I left the site an hour later.
There was also a Bumble Bee flying around.

Peacock on 1st January.

It was then onto the larva hunt. One I found quickly, but I then struggled to find any more until I tried a different area. Here 4 were found including one that looked as though it was either approaching a moult, or had just moulted. This one was both marked slightly differently, but also had an over-sized head. All the larva were busy feeding in the mild conditions, it was also good to photograph a couple of them showing their feeding pattern on the grass.

The first Wall Brown larva of 2019.

Wall Brown larva probably approaching a moult. Feeding signs above and below the larva.


  1. That's a cracking start Bob. Can't get earlier than that. Best wishes for a productive 2019.

  2. I saw a red admiral on boxing day a few years ago. 14 degrees that day!