Thursday, 22 March 2018

Bluethroat at Dungeness.

Until last year, when Paul and I saw the Bluethroat in Lincolnshire, this bird was on my list of birds that I would really love to see. So when 2 were found at Dungeness last weekend, which included a mature male with a beautiful blue chest, I was keen to go and see if I could get my 2nd sighting of this species. The Lincolnshire bird had performed so well I didn't think I could get better pictures, but I was more than happy just to watch and admire them this time. As it happened by Tuesday there was only one bird remaining, but at least it was the mature male. The bird was very active and on view most of the time we were there, although it generally kept low in a ditch, which didn't help with the photography. Later it did come up to feed on the opposite bank, but it was some distance away at this point. however, the bird certainly was well worth watching through the binoculars. As it happened, the following day it did perform for some cameras very well indeed, but I was still very happy to see it and spend some time watching this rarity. There was also a side show of several stunning Firecrests to watch all the time we were there as well as a stunning male Wheatear.

The Lincolnshire Bluethroat from 2017.

Bluethroat at Dungeness.

On the walk to the bird we did come across a Fox that was laying in the sunshine. Unfortunately, when it got up to walk away it was very badly injured with one front leg being totally useless. It had terrible trouble walking, and it seemed to have a de-formed back due to this, so I assume it has been injured for some time.

Fox soaking up the sun.

Fox with injued front right leg and a curved spine.

Following this we headed to the beach hoping to find the Glaucus Gull that has been regular there for the past couple of months. It was not in its usual spot when we arrived, but just as we were about to give up I suddenly spotted it in the small Gull flock. It certainly did stand out as it was considerably larger than all the other Gulls.

Glaucus Gull.

Glaucus Gull ready for take off.

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