Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Orange-tip Roost.

Once again yesterday the sea mist hung around all day near the coast. I was tied up in the morning saying goodbye to a family friend and as we arrived home I checked the weather reports and saw that the weather was meant to be better just a short distance inland. Getting out the car it was clear there was a chill in the air still, although at least the sun was shining. It wasn't long before I saw my first Orange-tip of the year, although I was bit too slow to get a photo of this individual. I also saw 2 very fresh Green-veined Whites and a very smart Speckled Wood among the Spring flowers. Moving on to another area the time was getting on and I thought my chance had gone. I then scanned some Cuckoo Flower with the binoculars and spotted a male Orange-tip roosting on the top of one of the flowers. At last a chance to get some photos of one of these stunning Spring butterflies. Hopefully I will get several more opportunities before their flight season has gone!!

Speckled Wood.

Male Orange-tip on Cuckoo flower.


  1. I was looking for orange tip yesterday in their hedgerow haunts locally, but not yet. The emrgences do tend to spread N-S I believe.

  2. Hi. Beautiful butterflies. Here in Finland the butterflies can not yet fly.