Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Twite Alright!!

Despite the dull cloudy conditions it was 4th time lucky with the Twite that has been seen in the Cuckmere for the past few weeks. Out of those 4 times I have only seen the bird on 2 of the occasions. The first attempt was my first ever Twite, but all I managed were 2 very poor images. Therefore, it was a relief to finally get some more pleasing shots of the tiny bird, which is now a very scarce Sussex bird, as it fed on seedheads as well as seed on the ground. If only the sun had shone for a while. The bird was in view most of the time, although it had its head down amongst the grasses, only becoming more visible on the odd occasion. Eventually the bird was flushed by a dog that was running along the riverbank some 300 yards ahead of the owner!!


It drank from this bit of waste a couple of times.

Twite doing the splits.

Twite on the Cuckmere.


  1. Hi. You are indeed fortunate when there is really a lot of beautiful birds. Greetings.