Tuesday 7 February 2017

Fulmar Boots.

With a reasonable day forecast yesterday I arranged with Phil to come down and attempt photographing the Fulmars near Newhaven. With several birds now patrolling the cliffs it was a very successful morning. The biggest problem with this site is that it is shooting towards the sun, however, we were lucky that at times the sun went behind some clouds on and off which allowed a bit more detail of the birds. On looking at my results back home I found I had far more acceptable shots than I thought I would have. Normally with flight shots there are loads of blurred and out of focus photos. With these I filled my boots with so many I didn't know which ones to keep or post. Anyway, a small selection follows, including the time that 2 birds landed on the edge of the cliffs and were then joined by a third and a noisy argument seemed to take place.

Click on any image for a more detailed view.

A noisy encounter.

Fulmar. The ultimate flying spectacle.


  1. That is a rare old squabble. I struggle to take fliht shots at all with my bridge camera. Hopeless!

  2. Excellent series Bob, cracking birds.

  3. Hello. Just great photos. The bird is beautiful. Lovely flight pictures.